These BFG mounts are printed using two parts, allowing us to have optimal print strength and retention. If you'd like it to make a molle mount for something else you have, get in touch!


Tectonic Quake, Neutron and Dyantex 6209


These mounts prevent vertical loss by supporting the grenades by the wobble top (grenades will not wiggle/slide out over time). This also means you can carry your BFG primed and ready to go.


A deliberate horizontal and positive pull is required for removal. Grenades have a satisfying click when inserted. 


Dynatex Timed


A place for your pin and to affix some string. These come in two variations, one for our sleeves (see here), and one for unsleeved (you should totally buy a sleeve).


Affixed using a stainless M3 Bolt, Washer and Nut (included)

Various BFG / Grenade Mounts (Dynatex, Tectonic, and others)