This adapter fits inside your ODIN Sidewinders / sidewinder clones  M4 magwell, allowing speedy filling of your GHK AK magazines.


A mag lock and o-ring are included for BB and mag retention.



Most of these adapters will add strain to the Odin internals, especially the GBBR adapters. This is due to the feedlips and spring needing more force than a standard AEG m4 mag to load. The official Odin is recommended, as the tension will likely need tightening for proper functionality.

Be careful not to overfill your magazines, as this can cause nozzle issues.


3D Printed Products

Being 3D printed minor faults can occuring during the print and while every one is visually inspected for faults some maybe missed, we dont always have access to all the magazines to test each one before shipping either.


If you have any problems don't hesitate to contact us. We do ask if you could provide a video, as some times its been an issue of how its being held rather than print failure.

Thank you!


These products are printed to order and may have a slightly longer lead time.

GHK AK Odin Sidewinder Adapter