Introducing Cap Firing Grenades! 


Producing a short sharp crack, this lightweight design (65 grams) allows for easy identification/patterning without risk of hearing damage or injury. *Usable by under 18s*. 


A wobble top design supports detonation at various impact angles. You can load the grenade with a single cap, or with 1 cap and the rest of the ring / a whole ring, for the flash effect seen in the product description videos. Economy wise this will work out to between 2.5 and 20p per throw, though the caps can be had far cheaper at various toy shops etc.


8 Shot 'mode' only supported by Superdisc 8 Shot Ring Cap Disks.


Produced in partnership with Vincent Martin.


To be used with Superdisc caps as pictured

Cap Firing Grenade + Molle Mount

Top Color

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