Introducing Cap Firing Grenades! 


Producing a short sharp crack, this lightweight design (65 grams) allows for easy identification/patterning without risk of hearing damage or injury. *Usable by under 18s*. Perfect for CQB in contained spaces! 


A wobble top design supports detonation at various impact angles. You can load the grenade with a single cap, or with 1 cap and the rest of the ring / a whole ring, for the flash effect seen in the product description videos.


Economy wise this will work out to between 2 and 20p per throw, though the caps can be had far cheaper at various toy shops etc.


8 Shot 'mode' only supported by Superdisc 8 Shot Ring Cap Disks. Single shot mode supported by all caps (SWAT = Superdisc >  Wicke)


Produced in partnership with Vincent Martin.


To be used with Superdisc caps as pictured. The smell of these caps will make you feel young again! 

Cap Firing Grenade + Free Molle Mount

Top Color