These magazine pulls make it way easier to remove your Scorpion EVO Midcaps from your rig.


3D printed on industrial grade printers, using UV resistant ASA filamant, they are tough, well fitting, and long lasting.


£10 for TWO Magpuls 


All our products are made of order. Because of this we may take up to 4 days to dispatch your order. Most orders are dispatched within 2 working days.


We are also able to produce other parts for your EVOs upon request.


Credit @ Keiron Wharton for the photography


Unlike our many other products, which have been modelled in house, this design has been modified and sold under license. Our commerical grade printers allow us to reproduce this at a better quality than most hobbyists, but the file is available here for personal printing


2 x ASG Scorpion EVO Magpuls