Thunder Snap Impact Grenades provide a lower cost alternative to blank firing grenades.




Throw against a hard surface and get a boom -- about as loud as a 209. Simple as!


At around 80 grams, these pose a far smaller safety risk than BFGs. You can get 3 of these for the price of some other impact grenades.


Similiar to impact BFGs, these are likely not suitable for woodland environements as a hard impact surface is required. 


A gentleman called Robert Brett can do 450 snaps for £35 posted, (8p ish a bang!). He can do bulk orders as well at very competitive prices Email


Thunder Snaps / Snap Bangers can be sourced from the following places. As well as many more! I recommend :)


list of suppliers


They also come up on eBay from time to time. Most fireworks shops will have these available. Additionally I am in talks with a lot of airsoft sites to stock these


They are also referred to as snap bangers





  • To reload your grenade, first unscrew the lid. Then place a thunder snap into the hole in the lid. Following this, place the body above the lid, with the threads facing towards one another, and screw back together.

  • The TSG is now primed. There is no safety, however, without impact, the TSG will not detonate. It is safe to store in a pouch, or 40mm grenade holster.

  • At the end of the game day, remove the unused thunder snaps from your grenade and place them back into the padded bag.

  • Always wear gloves when handling pyrotechnics



  • The TSG works best when ‘posted’ onto one of its ends from above 3 foot. Best sound amplification is achieved when the hollow end is facing upwards.

  • Unlike a BFG, the TSG can be safely posted with a small amount of force, as it weighs ~80 grams. 

  • The TSG will only detonate when striking hard surfaces. This is demonstrated in our online videos (see our Facebook page Airtac UK)

    • Hence it is not suitable for use on grass or woodland terrain

  • The TSG can also be rolled against a hard surface to achieve detonation. 

  • There is some learning curve to the amount of required force. It is modest, but must be figured out by the user :) 


Please don’t throw these at animals (or peoples heads) Only to be used in an airsoft environment


We are printing these to order so there may be a lead time of a few days. Yellow glows bright under UV light. Colors may vary based on availability from supplier




Airsoft TSG Thunder Snap Impact Grenade

LID Color
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