No longer 3D printed, these 9MM Speedloaders offer a smoother action for increased usability and durability.


This product still remains Manufactured in the UK.


To reload, simply push the plunger to the top and drop the primers into the loading slot, then 'inject' primers into your BFGs chamber


  • Usable with gloves -- No more primers in your pocket
  • Silent Design - Plunger holds primers in place meaning you don't rattle and shake as you run
  • Reload BFG's quickly, instead of putting it off until the end of the game due to how fiddly they are
  • Hold 6 9mm blanks
  • Magnetic primer remover lifts the fired primer out of the chamber 
  • "Inject" Primers directly into your BFG's chamber
  • Much like with Kydex, should the retention clips become loose over time, you can heat with a lighter to reform

9MM Blank (Fiocchi) Speedloader - Nylon (Not Printed)